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Immunisations – Children

We run a comprehensive childhood vaccination clinic every Monday between 1.00 - 4.00pm. This clinic offers the full range of recommended childhood vaccinations. Written confirmation will be required if a parent does not accompany the child.

Immunisataions – Adults

Adults are advised to ensure that they receive a tetanus and polio booster every 10 years. They are otherwise at risk of these serious diseases.

Similarly, it is advised that certain high risk patients should have an annual vaccination against influenza. These groups include the elderly and those suffering conditions such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, angina or other heart conditions, diabetes and chronic kidney problems. This service is available from the practice nurses by appointment.

Travel Clinic

The practice nurses also offer travel vaccinations.

NHS Healthchecks

Checks are offered to patients between the ages of 40 - 74 with no underlying conditions such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and heart attack. We are trying to assess patients' risk of developing these diseases. Checks take around 15 minutes and we will go through family history, choices which you make about your health, height and weight, and blood pressure and fasting bloods will be taken.

Asthma Clinic

Patients who have asthma will be able to have regular follow-up at this clinic where they will also be offered advice regarding their condition. Height, weight, blood pressure and peak expiratory flow are measured.

Additional Services/Clinics

Health Promotion Advice

Prevention is better than cure and so we encourage all our patients to share the responsibility for their health. Many of the most serious diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and without the need for drugs.

Our nurses are happy to offer a wide variety of health promotion advice, following systems agreed with the doctors.

Cervical Smear Clinic

Cancer of the cervix can be prevented. The National Cervical Screening Programme advises a smear test every 3 years for patients aged between 25 and 50 and every 5 years for patients aged between 50 and 65. This test is important as it can detect early signs of the disease at a stage where it can be easily treated. Please make an appointment to have this done only when you receive a recall letter. The surgery is not allowed to carry out cervical smears unless you have received your recall letter.

Family Planning

All doctors and nurses in the practice will provide full information about various methods of family planning currently available.

Minor Surgery

We are able to offer various minor surgical procedures, often avoiding the need for a visit to hospital. Please ask your doctor for details.

Child Health Surveillance

Please make sure that all children under five are registered with the practice for this service. It will ensure that they have paediatric developmental examinations carried out at the correct times in their development.

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