Complaints and compliments

We are always pleased to receive compliments, feedback or suggestions which help towards the improvement of patient care, you can do this via our ‘contact us’ page.

If you have a complaint or concern about the service that you have received from the doctors or staff working for this practice, please let us know. We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned.  If your problem cannot be sorted out in this way and you wish to make a complaint, then please do so at the earliest opportunity, this will enable us to establish what happened more easily.

You can make your complaint by writing to the practice at the following address:-

Westbrook Medical Centre, 301-302 Westbrook Centre, Westbrook, Warrington. WA58UF.

Or via e-mail to:-

Please provide as much information as you can, then send your complaint to the practice for the attention of John Reed (Practice Manager) as soon as possible.

We will endeavour to investigate your complaint and respond within 25 working days of the date it was received by us, where possible, dependant on the nature and complexity of the issue raised.

As part of the investigation process, we aim to:
•    find out what happened and what went wrong
•    make sure you receive an apology, where appropriate
•    identify what we can do to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again

If a compliant or concern needs to be raised on behalf of someone else, please note that we keep strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality, we must receive confirmation that you have their permission to do so.  A note signed by the person concerned will be required, unless they are incapable (because of illness) of providing this. In these circumstances, we will investigate and respond as best we can.

If after receiving a reply you remain dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner's office.

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