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Repeat Ordering Pilot Posted on 21 Nov 2017

Westbrook Medical Centre is working with NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the local commissioners, to evaluate the repeat ordering pilot we are taking part in. 

We are looking for your views on the impact of the pilot -  how it may have affected you and your family/carers.

You can have your say by:

We are taking part in the repeat ordering pilot to contribute to a safer, more efficient service for patients and to help reduce stock piles of unused medicines.

This will also enable GPs to have a better ability to monitor what medicines patients do and do not use information that will help discussions about choosing the right medication for them.

Our NHS needs everyone to work together to make sure only medicines that are needed are requested.

The CCG have looked at areas around the country and have seen that when patients order their own prescriptions this is safer and reduces waste.

Over-ordering, stockpiling and unused medicines cost the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds every year. This is money that we believe can, and should, go to provide vital health services.

The evaluation period runs from Monday 6th November 2017 – Sunday 7th January 2018.

During this time, the pilot will be continuing and patients will still be required to order their prescriptions directly from us.

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